Top 5 Best Custom ROMs for Android


Top 5 Best Custom ROMs for Android

What is a custom ROM?
A custom ROM is basically a different operating system for your smartphone or tablet. It’s like switching out the engine in a car; the outside stays the same, but the insides are different.

Unlike the pre-installed firmware that is provided by the manufacturer, such as Samsung’s Touchwiz or HTC’s Sense, custom ROMs generally provide an almost pure Android experience much like you’d find on Google’s Nexus devices.
Custom ROMS are also enriched with many useful extra features and customization options that affect the behavior of the system. Thus, the user gets more control over their device than would ever be possible with the standard software from the manufacturer.

In addition, custom ROMs are also a good way to install a more recent version of Android on your device, especially if it is an older model.

Which is the Best Custom Rom for Android?

There are tons of Custom Roms available on the internet which can be downloaded for free. To find the best custom rom for your Android Smartphone is not so easy. Depending on the manufacturing company Roms are developed. Generally there are some well known Custom Roms which are mostly developed for every Android Device. Check out the list for top 4 best custom roms for Android Phones

HERE ARE THE Top 5 Best Custom ROMs for Android



Best Custom ROMs for Android

CyanogenMOD has become incredibly popular, because it has an impressive collection of features, a highly customizable UI and it’s also one of the most stable ROMs out there. In fact, the ROM has spread so much, some devices get shipped with CM. CyanogenMOD has a great community, supports a variety of devices and receives frequent updates.

Among its best features, is the Trebuchet app launcher, built-in Screencast functionality and theme engine, customizable quick settings and status bar, a global blacklist and the privacy guard. There’s something for everybody in this ROM, plus it’s also very stable and gets security updates very often.

Furthermore, it has a one-click installer option, so it’s suitable even for those who are not very tech-savy. You can find out more information about CyanogenMOD as well as download builds on its official website.

OmniROM – for the OmniSwitch toolbar

Best Custom ROMs for Android

Designed by former CyanogenMod devs (Xplodwild, Chainfire, Dees_Troy, Pulser and Entropy) in late 2013, OmniROM is a no-frills ROM, which basically offers the Stock Android experience with some nice extras.

OmniROM supports the ability to launch apps by tapping on the time and date in the notifications menu, it can add a notification counter in the status bar to show the number notifications you’ve received, and has the ability to manage the display brightness just by sliding your finger along the notifications bar.

OmniROM’s standout feature, however, is the OmniSwitch shortcut. The OmniSwitch is a quick-menu that you can load with shortcuts and jump from any part of your phone to any app, or vice versa, and it is completely customizable.

Lollipop nightlies for OmniROM started back in June. Head to for more.

Paranoid Android

Best Custom ROMs for Android

The next ROM in our list is Paranoid Android. The ROM is almost similar to Stock Android. This is just the extension of the official stock ROM, which is the best thing about this ROM. It adds some extra features to the Stock ROM developed by Google. Paranoid Android 5.0 Alpha 2.0 is the lastest ROM from Paranoid developers.

There are some cool features like Hover, Immersive Mod, Pie and Peek. It has Dynamic System bars which Merge your status and Navigation. The apps float when you get notifications, which makes multitasking “Dam Easy”. Paranoid Android has some beautiful themes and wallpapers which can be downloaded for free.

The ROM is awesome in performance and gives pretty good battery life. Paranoid Android performs flawless and you must try this custom ROM.

Pac-man ROM

Best Custom ROMs for Android

If you’re having trouble deciding between the impressive amount of custom ROMs for your Android device, you might just find PAC-man ROM as the ideal solution. This ROM is a Swiss army knife, taking some of the best features from several other ROMs including CyanogenMOD, AOKP and Paranoid Android (yes, the PIE is there as well) to give you the most feature-rich Android experience possible.

Except for the newer builds, which may have some stability issues, Pac-man ROM runs smoothly, despite it’s large collection of features.

Lollipop builds have already started to roll out and the ROM has quite the list of supported devices, which you can see for yourself here. More information on PAC-man ROM can be found on the official website


Best Custom ROMs for Android

Cataclysm might not be a fancy looking ROM, as it rocks the stock Android look but it aims at bringing value additions for a solid performance. The ROM brings a lot of handy additions like configurable toggles, lockscreen along with customization options for status bar, notifications etc. Other notable features include Smart Radio, App Ops, battery styles, navigation bar options and more. The ROM is best known for its great performance and solid builds, with the least number of bugs. The ROM is only available for Nexus devices officially but you can get the ROM for other devices from unofficial channels like XDA. Well, if you are looking for a solid Marshmallow ROM with tons of features, Cataclysm should be good enough.

these are the Top 5 Best Custom ROMs for Android