Top 10 White Hat Hackers 2016


Top 10 White Hat Hackers 2016

White Hat Hackers are those people who uses their ultimate hacking skills to help up the other organisations or companies to check up the security levels of their protected networks and systems legally.
They use up their hacking techniques to penetrate the protected systems and networks so that the security capabilities of the networks can be increased and it could be prevented from malicious hackers.


Top 10 White Hat Hackers 2016
Here is the list of the top White Hat Hackers with some brief detail of what they did to help up various organizations:

Joanna Rutkowska:

She is a low-level security and stealth malware researcher.She is known for being presenting an attack against Vista kernal protection mechanism that uses hardware virtualisation to move up the hardware virtualization to make up move the running OS into a virtual mechine.She used her hacking capabilities to do so.She also hacked the Blue Pill software to do so.

Charlie Miller:

he is a computer software researcher with Uber and also spent his five years with National Security Agency prior to that.Miller won $10,000 cash prize at Pwn2Own confrence held in vancouver,canada for demonstrating various security exploits of Apple products and for finding up some critical bug in Macbook Air.He also won $5000 for cracking Safari in the following year.He does found many security issues for Apple by his capabilities.

Sherri sparks:

He is well known for his hacking capabilities as he once hacked up the networks of military services.After that he used his skills for army authorities so as to build up strong network firewall.

Joe Stewart :

He works at Dell SecureWorks Counter threat unit as a director of malware research.He is a leading expert on malware and internet threats.He has presented his research at various confrences and organizations that has helped many to make more stable and secure networks that could be a big problem for
malicious hackers.

Mark Maiffret:

He is the Chief Technology Officer at Beyond Trust security and compliance and management company.He joined it after his founded digital security eEye in 1998.He creates web application firewall and vunerability management products,which has won many product awards.He is credited for finding some major vunerabilities in Microsoft software and leads the best security research team.

Greg Hoglund:

Hoglund contributed a lot of research to the field of rootkits,software exploitation,buffer overflows and online game hackings.He is well known to have worked for the U.S goverment relating to the development of rootkits and exploit material.

Robert Rsnake Hansen:

He at his childhood used to climb up the poles to hack telephone lines.He gave his great security advancement to the world of networks.He helped to build the strong network firewall for communication networks.

Dino Dai Zovi:

A succesful hacker of MacBook Pro machine and a security researcher Dino Dai Zovi helped up to build immunity against hacking of network machines like MacBook Pro.

Dan Kaminsky:

He is an american computer security researcher and is the chief scientist of white ops, a firm that specialy detects malware activity.He is known for his work on DNS cache poisoning and for showing that the Sony rootkit had infected least 500,000 computers.

Zane Lackey:

He is the founder and CSO at signal sciences and serves on the advisary boards of internet bug bounty program and the U.S states department backed open technology fund.He serves these organisations to help remove network security bugs.