today we were going to find the reasons to install CyanogenMod and Why should you use it? I guess most of the most of the readers heard about CyanogenMod. For those who don’t know much about CyanogenMod, So in this article you will get know “What is CyanogenMod”? It is the customized version of Google Android Operating System. In simple words, it the custom ROM where it adds extra features to the existing Android Operating system. There are tons of Customs ROMs out there, but Cyanogen Stands out from the crowd.

Why Should You use CyanogenMod?
Basically this custom ROM adds extra flavor to stock Android. You don’t have much control over the hardware in Google Official Stock Android, whereas in CyanogenMod You have control over the hardware. There are plenty of features where you get flexible user experience. Below are the reasons to install CyanogenMod and Advantages of CyanogenMod.

5 Reasons To Install CyanogenMod


Customization is one of the reasons why CyanogenMod is the best Custom ROMs for Android Phones. There are themes for customizing your phone as you want to be. The themes can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store. Even the Menu Icon can be dragged anywhere on the Home Screen, which is not possible in stock Android. You can add or remove icons in notification bar which is flexible compared to stock Android.

2 Improves Performance

As CyanogenMod has more control over the hardware, So it gets Most of the hardware. In OnePlus One, you can observe how fast it reboots when compared to stock Android devices.The latest version CM 12 which is the fastest Cyanogen custom ROM till date. Even if the hardware is on the downside, you can experience better performance. The ROM is the must for low-end configuration Android devices. Even the Google had tried to Buy CyanogenMod but failed to do so, Which speaks Volumes of Cyanogen.

To get most of this ROM, try to flash stable ROM which gives high end performance. If it is unofficial ROM, you need to update the ROM on very third day. In stable CyanogenMod, there will no bugs and will perform like a charm.

3Stay Updated

Being a CyanogenMod User, you will taste of every new Android update. There are hundreds of developers are working on this ROM, so you will get frequent software updates. Sometimes you might feel that Android should be hand over to Cyanogen Team because they are the best in this department. So you don’t need to wait for the official update from Google, just root the device and flash CyanogenM0d.

Google promised guaranteed update for android one devices, but the users are still waiting for Lollipop update. Whereas CyanogenMod has already released CM12 with Lollipop 5.0, this shows the difference between the two.

4 Longer battery Life

CyanogenMod can improve your device battery life with its advanced techniques. In the developers settings, you will get the option to change the processors clock speed. Higher the clock speed lower the battery life, so you need the lower the clock speed to get better battery life. So don’t use any task killers are any other app for battery saving. There is a shortcut to change the brightness, just scroll the top of the screen to control the brightness.

5 Privacy Guard

This is an option in settings called privacy Guard. The purpose of this Privacy Guard is to secure your private data. You can give every App with different permissions to access your private data like contacts, region, credit card details etc. Your device will be secured from different malware and viruses. No need to install the apps for security purposes, CyanogenMod has built in Privacy guard.

So these are the reasons why you should install CyaonogenMod on your Android device.