How to get Flat Facebook UI in PC  [Easy Way]

Are you feeling bored with the same old user interface of Facebook? Unhappy about those annoying Facebook ads? If yes then this post will help you a lot. 

How to get Flat Facebook UI in PC /laptop :

  1. Download and install Facebook Flat chrome extension.
  2. Open Facebook.


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Features of Facebook Flat Extension
This extension not only coded to change the UI of Facebook, it can also work as

Adblock : It blocks all Ads inside Facebook. You can’t see any Ad if this extension is enabled.

Improved Speed : Facebook will load and work faster than normal. You will see a considerable increase in Facebook performance.

How to disable Flat Facebook UI
Disabling Facebook Flat UI is a simple as you installed it. The easiest way to go back to old UI is by clicking the switch icon beside the Facebook logo (top left corner).


steps to disable Flat Facebook UI

  1. you can go to Settings ->
  2. More Tools ->
  3. Extensions and remove the Facebook Flat permanently

Some other features of this extension are :

  • Modern Flat Design
  • Fast loading
  • Increased Readability
  • Blocks Facebook Ads